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All our sessions are tailored to your level, individual needs and aims.

You will be given feedback during and after your session.

In advance of your sessions, you will be sent a written/spoken task to complete.  This is to help us to assess your level.  

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How to book your time slot

How to book your time slot

Please contact us at to let us know how often you would like a lesson and what days/times you can manage regularly in UK time (GMT).   We will then match your availability with the teacher's.  Please book your time slot at least seven days in advance.  For continuity, it is best to book the same time slot each week.

If you have any particular requests, please contact us.

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Sally Kawamura

I am the founder of Sparrow Stories. I have been teaching since 2003 in universities and language schools in Japan and the UK. I created Sparrow Stories as stories teach language and cultural tradition very effectively. The stories I enjoy telling are mainly from Scotland and the Bible.  I am also happy to help students work on their own material.

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