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What level will I be taught at?

Your lessons will be taught at your level We will ask for a piece of your writing and a short spoken video or sound recording before your first lesson.

How are your teachers qualified?

Our teachers are either qualified as English teachers who have used stories extensively or have backgrounds as storytellers.

What if I can’t make a lesson or bundle I have booked?

If you let us know 24 hours in advance of your lesson, you can get a refund.

Will I always have the same mentor?

You can request the mentor you would like for your lesson.  For continuity, it is best to continue with the same person for several weeks depending on availability.

Will I earn a certificate for these courses?

Not usually, but if you would like a certificate sent to you after completing at least 12 lessons, we can offer this.

How do I arrange my lessons?

Please contact us to let us know when you would like your lesson and we can match your available times with the mentors’s.  For continuity, we recommend sticking to the same time each week.

How are the  sessions structured?

Depending on what you hope to do and your level, you will either be introduced to a story and learn to re-tell it or you may bring your own presentation or story and be mentored through telling them.  Either way, the focus will be on your own spontaneous and accurate expression in English.

Who are these lessons suitable for?

Anyone who wishes to improve their English in a natural and enjoyable way!  You might have an interest in stories and tell them in your language already or you might wish to begin a journey of story-learning and telling.  Or, you might want to improve your spontaneous communication for everyday life. Whichever way, these lessons can be designed around what you would like to do.

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