Sparrow Stories

Traditional Tales for English Learning

Would you like to improve your English and learn to tell traditional tales?

We use stories to enable language learning and offer an engaging and fun experience.

Our professional teachers will guide you through each step of your journey telling stories in English.

All lessons are conducted online via Zoom


What We Offer...

1:1 and small group lessons based wholly on the re-telling of a story

Our mentors guide you in comprehending, remembering and telling stories yourself

Activities to enhance your understanding of language elements in the story and assist with pronunciation

​Lessons are tailored to your level and experience

60 or 30 minute lessons on Zoom 

Perfect for adults who wish to tell stories in English or improve their communication in a natural way


Why Stories?

Learning with stories improves your English by introducing you to grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation in context.

​You will naturally practise expressing yourself spontaneously in English.

Activities around the story enhance your comprehension and your ability to remember and re-tell.

 Through the stories, you gain in-depth cultural understanding.

Learning through stories is fun!